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modular construction & store construction combined in one project
the simplest way to erect a building


Every project starts with a vague idea, which we discuss with you during the first meeting. We conduct the preliminary legal examination and pre-planning for you, and define the necessary budget. Once we are sure that you project is feasible in the desired form, the planning phase begins. During this phase, we work with you to define concrete ideas, from interior design to the building design, and present the new building in 3D, inside and out. At the end of this phase, we provide our quotation.

 From building contract to production

Are you satisfied with our quotation? Then we will draw up a fully fledged building contract for you and agree on the final delivery date. In the scope of coordinating your building project, we take care of the necessary civil engineering work and begin production at our factory in Speyer. This takes about three months. When it comes to coordination, we have you covered at every step.

Delivery of your new business location

After around three months, the modules are ready for delivery to the site on the agreed date. There, our specialists take over for the final assembly. Now it’s time for the facade construction. This is the last step in the construction process, during which the modules are transformed into a finished building with the prefabricated facade and optional superstructure.

Cost-effective solution with high efficiency

The cost of building a business location with a modular construction, including the interior design to your specifications, is middle of the range. Compared with a new solid construction, the cost of a modular building project is 10% to 15% less. In addition, the comprehensive service package, which includes coordination of your building project by our construction specialists, enables considerable time savings.

Delivery within Europe

We primarily focus on serving our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, we can also deliver to other countries, on request. By doing so, we enable large chains in particular to realise concepts developed in collaboration with us, without limits.

Modular construction – the innovative solution of the future

Modular construction is attracting more and more attention. Especially as a bakery or butchery chain with a constantly growing number of stores, you can benefit many times over from modular construction combined with interior design.

Want to find out more? As experts in modular construction and interior design, we deliver a complete solution that is individually tailored to you.

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With an excellent, experienced, creative team of consultants, architects, designers, joiners, metalworkers, electricians, warehouse staff and office clerks, who give their all every day to create the best possible solution for you and take the load off your shoulders.



Together with an experienced consultant, you choose between an individual, personalised solution or an existing variant.

Next, a project manager will oversee the project until the final opening. The construction contract, samples and release schedules for the interior and exterior are created, so you already have a realistic impression of your new sales point.

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Modules leave our factory in Speyer with a prefabrication degree of 90%.

At this point, insulation, walls, plumbing, electrics, air conditioning, floors, lighting and furnishing are already pre-installed. Thanks to the central pre-assembly in our factory, the project is under the constant control of our construction managers. This guarantees the high quality of our sales modules.



The fittings for your building are made to measure in our joinery and metalworking shop.

You benefit from over 20 years’ experience in the planning and realisation of successful fitting concepts.

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A store built in a modular fashion consists of several individual modules with a post-and-beam construction. These are delivered with built-in installations, from electrics to plumbing, and installed on-site. Depending on your individual requirements, to modules are separated into differently sized rooms by partition walls. Your specific requirements can easily be taken into account. Alternatively, you also have the option of one big sales room.

The modular construction is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It is the perfect solution if you are seeking a cost-effective and visually attractive alternative to a new-build. Our modules have even be used to construct a tiny house out of wood.

As a unique company nationwide, we offer our customers a combination of modular construction with the construction of their store. We deliver your new business location as a complete solution. We take your specifications into account down to the finest detail and use your specifications as a guide in the interior design, from lighting to the execution of your corporate design using your chosen colours and materials.

Do you already have a building and need an experience expert to design your store? Then Keil Konzepte is your professional partner. With our extensive expertise in store design, we are specialists in store interiors, from counter design to decoration.

As a baker, butcher or hairdresser, you can benefit from modular construction and simplify your building project in the long run.

  • Sales area can be expanded at any time
  • High flexibility, thanks to easy relocation
  • Minimised risks, as not tied to one location
  • Sales area of any size, from 18m2 to over 200m2
  • Individually adapts to the available land
  • Ready-equipped, from lighting to plumbing
  • Fast construction times

In particular, the high flexibility of the modular construction method is associated with numerous benefits. If a location is no longer attractive or an existing rental contract for the plot is not renewed, we can quickly and easily relocate the modules for you at a new location.

As a strong partner, we offer our customers everything from a single source. This starts with planning and ranges from coordination of the construction project to the fully equipped business location. It is especially convenient for you, as you can get answers to all your questions through one central point of contact. This saves you valuable time and lets you focus on your core activities.

Every single module is manufactured at our factory in Speyer and leaves our production hall with a prefabrication degree of 90%. This means that the modules come fitted with all the necessary installations. These include insulation, as well as walls, floors, lighting, electric, plumbing and air conditioning. Even the interior fittings are pre-installed.

20 years’ experience in store design and interior design

At our factory, we not only produce the modules for your new butcher’s shop or other business location, but the interior furnishings as well. With more than 20 years’ experience in the planning and realisation of interior designs, our joinery and metalworking shop are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

That way, you receive the highest quality from a single source, continuously monitored according to strict requirements by our quality management department.


modular construction?


Time saving

With us you save time. A fixed contact person accompanies you from the beginning and is an expert in his field. Exchange at eye level, fast reaction times and short construction times are guaranteed.



With us you are on the safe side. With us you get a fixed price guarantee without hidden costs. In addition, the entire plant can be relocated without risk.



With us you remain flexible. A compact design, suitable for all site sizes and unlimited combination and equipment options as well as subsequent extensions are possible without any problems.

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FAQs on modular construction

Do you have questions about construction, investment, architecture, technology or project procedure?

We answer the most important questions in our FAQ section. If any questions remain unanswered, you are also welcome to contact us directly.

Are you interested in additional information about our high-quality modules with interior fittings?

We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.